Dear Madam / Sir,

Let me introduce and recommend below the contract manufacturing, packaging, warehousing and logistic services supplied by our company PORTIA SZOLGÁLTATÓHÁZ Kft. in Nyírmada, Hungary. In case our introduction may rise your interest, we are ready to build a business partnership with you.




The plant and warehousing basis of our company group is in Nyírmada, Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, Hungary, operated by our Ltd. PORTIA SZOLGÁLTATÓHÁZ Kft.:

  • 5 minutes travel from M3 highway, less than 1 hour travel from the Slowakian, Ukrainian and Romanian border.  
  • Actual main business activities of our plant at the moment are packaging of foods, dietary supplements, dry goods, non-food products, and production, warehousing of materials for packaging-technology.

Useful floor space of plant: 400 m2

Useful floor space of warehouse: 3.800 m2

Electric connection performance of plant:  

3 x 40 Amper, approx. 25 KW (may be expanded)


Machines / automation at the moment:

– Acid resistant tables

– Vertical scales

– Table scales

– Automatic cording machine

– Manual cording machine

– Automatic glue application table

– Foil welding machine

– Trolley / forklift

– Manual hydraulic lift

– Electronic devices for office


There are rooms / halls may be separeted from each other by doors, attended with air conditioning.

In all rooms / halls are central compressor connections with 380 V and 220 V voltage available.

Black-white warehouse, black-white changing rooms / dressing rooms, diner/eatery, office are available.

At the moment, 40 employees are working in the plant, in 1 shift.  

We plan to set about a second shift as well.


Contract manufacturing

  • wagework processes (packaging, mounting, production line works, by manual operation)
  • inventory / stock-taking with liability / responsibility
  • continuous reporting towards Mandator
  • well-educated leaders and executive workers


Logistics – warehousing


  • well-educated leaders, middle-managers, physical workers
  • managing warehousing procedures at our own site (Nyírmada)
  • transport organization with full administration
  • cross-docking system
  • warehousing, picking of foods any dry goods, eventually preparation for shops
  • warehouse handling of non-food products
  • full inventory / stock-taking with liability / responsibility, reporting towards Mandator
  • continuous audit, controlling


     Emphasized partners, references:



  • BEDECO Kft. Zirc, Tarpa, Nyírmada (production of dietary supplements, packaging, warehousing)
  • Nutriversum Kft. Tarpa, Nyírmada (production of dietary supplements, packaging, warehousing)


    • Boxtrading Kft. Nyírmada, Napkor (packaging, techical part works processes)  


  • Sió- Eckes Kft Siófok (food packaging, warehouse picking)
  • Foltin Globe Kft. Nagytarcsa (food production, packaging)
  • HB Ker Trans Kft. Nyírmada (food packaging)
  • Pa-Comp Kft. Újfehértó (production part processes, warehosuing)
  • GÉMTECH Kft. Nyíregyháza, Napkor (metal industry production, skilled works)
  • DSC 2000 Kft. Nyíregyháza (metal industry production, skilled works)



In case your company is interested for our services, please contact us in order to develop a good partership!


Yours sincerely:

owner, executive manager